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Creative Strategist & Designer

Engage with your audience through creative, memorable experiences. Jenny Erb is a marketing, events, & design consultant based in Columbus, Indiana.

Jenny Erb
Jenny Erb, Marketing Consultant
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Holiday advent guide & experience

I've been called: Marketer Event Planner Designer Experience Crafter Content Writer Ideas Wrangler Strategy Creator Hoop Jumper Storyteller Memory Maker Word Spreader Info Curator Light Shiner Need Filler Fire Lighter Bar Raiser Pivoter Wayshower Jill of Many Trades

But most the time I’m called Jenny.

I’m a creative soul with 20+ years of experience in helping others find unique solutions that lead to engaging, meaningful connections with their audiences.


Where do you need help?


I help clients audit their current communication efforts, look for missed opportunities, and strategize methods to get their business back on board.

Graphic Design

I provide creative solutions for all platforms and purposes! I'll keep both your online presence and printed pieces consistent so your brand can shine.

Event Planning

Creating extraordinary, meaningful events can take your relationship marketing to a whole new level! It's all in the details–I'll manage every task necessary for creating an experience that will have your attendees talking about it for years to come.

Email Marketing

Designing personalized, relevant emails will reach your customers with the information they need (and want), exactly when they need it.

Website Upkeep

Websites can grow tired–I help keep your web content fresh by making updates to content, streamlining copy, and upholding branding consistencies.

Social Media Strategy

Ready to hit it hard online? I’ll lay out all of your communications campaigns in a single calendar so your outreach efforts can run like a well-oiled machine. Next we'll automate future social media posts so you can set it and forget it.

a look back

Good clients. Great design. 20+ years and going.

Marketing mom


Helping businesses is my bread and butter! I’ve helped international firms, small start-ups, non-profits, churches…just about every type.


Home Educators

I help other fellow homeschool mommas keep organized by designing beautiful, functional pieces and curriculum. 


Decor & Events

If you’re in my area, I can help you decorate or style a specific area of your home, assist with holiday decorating, or coordinate a special event for you.