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FREE Christmas Advent Reading Plan + Jesse Tree for an open-and-go, peaceful Holiday tradition!

FREE Christmas Advent Reading Plan + Jesse Tree for an open-and-go, peaceful Holiday tradition!

Start a new tradition with this FREE Advent reading plan! Check out the companion Jesse Tree watercolor Bible ornaments and Christmas unit study called Morning Riches.




🕯️Print a FREE Advent Reading Plan, which includes:

• Dated, 23-day reading plan (Starts on Dec. 3)
• Links to interactive sing-along playlists on Youtube & Spotify
• Tips, links, and quick checklists for getting started

We’ve designed it to be:

🕯️ A merging of the Jesse Tree tradition and the Four Advent Sundays (each week you light a candle, it represents 1,000 years that Christ’s coming was foretold) What’s a Jesse Tree? It’s a study that traces the ancestry of Jesus through the Old and New Testaments across 4,000 years. It celebrates the women and men who, like John the Baptist, prepared the way for the coming of Christ.

🕯️ Open and go: you’ll find a daily Bible reading, suggested song with links to lyrics, and a quick prayer

🕯️ Simple–it’s the basics for pausing each day and resetting the family (there’s no crafts to prepare, cookies to make, or extra books to hunt down–all these are lovely things, but we don’t always have time for that!)

🕯️ Read via candlelight of the Advent wreath–your kids will love gathering each evening for this quiet time filled with Bible stories and songs! Preparation tips are included in the booklet.

We’ve also heard of it being used as a Biblical Christmas unit study for homeschoolers. Purchase a set of Jesse Tree watercolor DIY ornaments and create a family heirloom treasured for years to come! Get the entire Advent Bundle including Morning Riches for your morning menu or morning basket!

In need of other supplies to prepare for advent? Check out the idea list we’ve created on Amazon:

Included Bible stories:
• DAY 1 – First Advent Candle of Hope
• DAY 2 – Creation
• DAY 3 – Adam & Eve
• DAY 4 – Noah
• DAY 5 – Abraham
• DAY 6 – Sarah
• DAY 7 – Jacob
• DAY 8 – Second Advent Candle of Preparation
• DAY 9 – Joseph
• DAY 10 – Moses
• DAY 11 – Ruth
• DAY 12 – Samuel
• DAY 13 – David & Goliath
• DAY 14 – Isaiah
• DAY 15 – Candle of Joy
• DAY 16 – Jesse
• DAY 17 – Zechariah & Elizabeth
• DAY 18 – John the Baptist
• DAY 19 – Mary
• DAY 20 – Joseph
• DAY 21 – Journey
• DAY 22 – Fourth Advent Candle of Love
• DAY 23 – Christ’s Birth


Print on 8.5″x11″ paper. Feeling fancy? Splurge on a spiral comb binding, glossy cover, etc. This also looks really nice printed to a booklet. Pictured above is 2 pages printed booklet style to legal paper, 8.5″x14″ then folded and stapled.


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