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Ocean Morning Menu

Ocean Morning Menu

Download recitations and passages featuring watercolored ocean artwork




Download a print-ready set of 10 files that features watercolored artwork and ocean-themed content.

Set includes: 

🌿 Bible passages: Psalm 107: 23-32, Jame 1: 5-12
🌿 Poems: A Name in the Sand by Hannah Flagg Gould and The Sandpiper by Celia Thaxter
🌿 Hymnals: Will Your Anchor Hold, If On a Quiet Sea, Wide, Wide as the Ocean
🌿 Folks songs: Blow the Man Down, The Fish of the Sea
🌿 Shakespeare: The Tempest (Act 1, Scene 2)

You’ll receive: 
🌿 High resolution PDF files sized for 8.5″x11″ letter paper

These are meant to be printed and used as copy work, memory work, or recitations, often part of a trend called “Morning Time.” They can be placed in a binder for easy viewing or placed inside plastic menus as pictured.

Our family created and used these in compatibility with Stephanie Hathaway’s Waves Mini Nature Study and the Gentle + Classical Press’s Nature Volume 2 collection.

Want a custom one with this same design? Message me!

©The Learning Erb, 2023. Songs and poem are Public Domain. For PERSONAL use ONLY. Please do not distribute this file.


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